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To acknowledge the whole Going out to nature isn’t a very uncommon thing for us to do. At least for some of us, and maybe I should say ‘hopefully.' However, have you ever paid attention to how you are present in nature? I had this realization as to how essential it is to tune it to a space, surrounding.

Let me explain. So, when I was younger when I would go out to nature, or for a walk, I was always doing this feeling a witness of a beautiful picture in front of me. It was like I was walking into a beautiful background on my screensaver. I didn’t feel like I was part of it let alone had I any sense that picture was made out of so many dimensions and was an actual living entity. Such depth and story, all I wasn’t realizing. Just, I wasn’t tuned in, hadn’t made the connection to nature nor to myself.

So how to tune in?!? How to make the connection!?! This is a matter of just doing and daring to be a bit weird :) The importance of tuning in doesn’t only account for nature, but (from my point of view) for literally everything. It is about acknowledging the full environment, the context, the energies, the ones present.

| Acknowledging the whole of the place where you are!

Whenever you arrive in a space, just be still for a moment with yourself. Sense how you are feeling in that time and place, realizing where you have arrived there. Pay attention to the sounds, the smells, the things you see. It's a certain way of waking up to the environment and being fully present in it. No longer being the witness, but partaking.

Now after having done that, in nature’s landscape, you might guide yourself further by means of ritual. A ritual is fully about tuning in, by means of a circle, from wherein parts of yourself may be shown. What is important in a ritual is to have markings. You can create a beginning and an ending ceremony. Use the circle, which holds the ritual all the way through. Throw stones to let go of something, climb a tree to evoke your playfulness.. whatever wants to arise in you. Maybe there are some questions in your life that you would love to have answered: Set an intention and pay attention to the symbols that pass you during your time in nature. Have a little ceremony in the forest. Now you are partaking in the beautiful play of nature.

Being tuned into nature reveals a world and language to you, a way that holds endless information about you and your journey. It is always there, waiting for us to connect. And the beautiful thing is that all of us are able to receive it.

A warm hug



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