Kaluma's goal is to raise awareness on the nature inside and outside of us. Outside starts with our 'own' nearby gardens, forests, mountains. It is for us to raise awareness on the essence, power and reflection of nature. This reveals itself by 'simply' tuning into her and thereby opening ourselves to our inside world. It is here where synchronicity and story show itself and how our life can become a poem again.

What does tuning in mean? How can I raise awareness on perceiving nature's story and synchronicity? How can I understand that what I found during my time in nature?

I would be happy to reflect this back to you, join you to the sacred mountain or forest or hold space during your (mini) quest. Once you have received what was to be given to you, you can continue to support yourself and the people around you. And so we can continue writing our life's poetry.


Be noted that I am in an unfolding process regarding activities (rituals). They are not fixed (yet) and open as to how and where they will be manifested. Contact me if you have any ideas to share or if you have any requests. And of course, when you are interested in doing (see below). 

I would be happy to hear you.

  • Mini Vision Quest (half day-full day)

  • 1 or 2 day Quest (this is not a rite of passage)

  • Skype Conversation: Mirroring and settling the story that you received when heading out to the woods

  • Medicine walk

  • Mooncircle

​​'There is no monster inside of you

Fall in love with the piss and the shit of life.

The shadows, the hidden parts.

The bits we hide out of shame.

Fall in love with the innocence.

Our childhood fears of the dark.

Of being exposed. Of showing ourselves,

being seen, coming into the light.

The doubts, the secret pains, our strange fantasies, feelings we just
don't know what to do with..

..There is no monster inside of you.'

(Jeff Foster)