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Hiking in Sunset


Yurt seen from Treedeck

Yurt and Treedeck: Walnut Tree Farm


The red rocks: Severanceceremony

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A 'secret' spot for guided meditation

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Our Wild Land

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Returning from the Vision Quest

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A rattle made by one of the participants


Walnut Tree Farm

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Monchique mountains

Vision Quest   |   
Reclaim Your Essence
//   Full 9 Day Program

    Location: Southwest Portugal, near Aljezur 
Size: Small Intimate group // Max 4-5 people

Accommodation: Walnut Tree Farm 


Cost: €980 (incl. private accommodation)

| Setting the intention | Ritual | Morningmeditations | Ceremonies |
3 days and nights of Solitude | Mirroring | Celebration |
Incorporation | Embodiment | Expression | Sharingcircle


 Vision Quest
18-27 September


There will be only a few spots per journey so if you feel a yes don't wait too long! Sign up or for questions you can reach Kaluma via email ( or phone 0031651754967.

Please reach out if you feel you would love to join but experience obstacles in any way, also financially. I want to make this approachable for anyone that feels this calling. We can always try to find a way.

The groups will be lead in English unless all participants have Dutch as their native language. Of course we will be able to translate when necessary. 

The Vision Quest is open for everyone. We do however pay attention to health and psychological state on beforehand. It is important to us to provide a space where we can all feel safe and confident.




Restart in May 2024: 

24 & 48 hrs solitude // mini Vision Quest
Aljezur // Every month

If you want to stay updated send me an




When you want to have a Vision Quest one on one, or have special requests (doing it on your own land): Let's connect. I am very open to ideas and creativity! 

Vision Quest  

On Request

One  -  on  - One

 | kaluma  offers |


  1. Flexibility of date, time and location

  2. Be the only participant
    (or with a friend or family)

  3. Have the option to choose your own area

  4. Accommodation can be adjusted

  5. The program will have 7 or 8 days

Let's connect!


Vision Quest

​​'I died a thousand times for you

A thousand times you gave me life

I cried an ocean for you

You are that ocean

Scores of poetry have I written in your name

You are the very meaning of those words

So many nights have I dreamed of you

You are the creator of those dreams

How many lifetimes have I spent searching for you

Only to find you were here all along?

You waited aeons for me

You would wait that much again

I've     fallen    in      you

So let me lay myself down

Right here

In your supreme softness

Let it soak me up and surround me


I shall delight in it.'


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