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An impression of the program of the Vision Quest: the first day will be a day of arrival (day 0). The program will start in the evening on that day with a short meeting and a opening-ceremony. Day 1, 2 and 3 we will prepare ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically for our quest. We do this by means of sharing and setting our intention with the use of circle, practices and rituals.

In the mornings we start generally with a meditation or ritual and a sharingcircle. During the day we will spend time gaining knowledge on the four wind-directions, elements, working with severance, setting the intention and preparation for the Vision Quest. We open and prepare ourselves the best we can. We spend most of the time outside, in the valley and the surrounding area (beach/forest/lake/spring).

On day 3, after a short morning program, we head to the land of the Vision Quest in the afternoon. We will set a basecamp and everyone has time to find their own place. This is as well an important part of the process. To find your own place...
In the evening of day 3 we have our last dinner, a special get together, possibly with a fire and sleep all together still in nature. During your Vision Quest there will at least one or two guides at basecamp. You will know how to get there and if your process needs a short or full return to basecamp this is where you may go.

At sunrise on day 4 you ceremonially go through the medicinewheel and enter the threshold where your Vision Quest starts. During this time you fast, but you will have plenty of water with you.

And after three days and nights of solitude you return at sunrise on the 7th day. We will have a ritual of cleansing and say goodbye to the sacred natural space where we have made our journeys. After we head back to our accommodation (Walnut-Tree-Farm). This day is a day of celebrating the delicious flavours of our mundane world (food, people, music). We will be in silence until the evening, where we will celebrate our heroic journeys.

On the last two days, day 8 and 9, we continue starting the morning with sharing and a ritual. During these days we will be together reflecting on what you have retrieved in your time of solitude.

An important element is mirorring your story which will take place after the return. What does your story of the Vision Quest deeply mean? And from there we give space to integration and incorporation. How can you bring all of this back into the world, into your new life, but also into yourself? How do we embody and give expression to it?

The daily program will have space to unfold in the moment and to be adjusted (dependent on the weather and the energy in the group).


Most days outside of the Vision Quest will be spend in circle or visiting powerful nearby places in nature. In these places we create rituals, circles, enjoy silence, let music guide us or have short quests on our own.

Apart from the nights during the Vision Quest we will sleep
all nights at the accommodation.


| Setting the intention | Guided meditations | Severance Ceremony |
3 days and nights of Solitude | Mirroring session | Celebration |
Incorporation | Embodiment |
Expression | Sharing


Visio Quest Portugal

​​'In the depths of my wounds,
in what I had named “darkness”,
I found a blazing Light
that guides me now in battle.
I became a warrior
when I turned towards myself.
And started listening.'

(Jeff Foster)



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