and nature said:
"meet me, and you will meet


Welcome to the website of Kaluma, another home to the Vision Quest and more. The creation of the name Kaluma is a combination of Kali, Lua and Maeve. This website will provide information about the Vision Quest (what, how, where, when).

As well as other activities, way of working, writings, agenda and background. All practices have the aim to come together and reconnect with ourselves, each other and our nature.

For mobile users: Please find the website available in Dutch (Nederlands) on the desktop version. As well as additional texts on rites of passages.

K A L U M A 



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A Vision Quest is a rite of passage, a ritual of transition, a death and rebirth. This happens by going out into the nature on your own for a duration of three or four days and nights. With little comforts of the profane world. Without food, tent, phone or any other object that could dim boredom or loneliness.

And instead aiming to be “empty", decided to birth yourself.

Has time come to reclaim yourself?

To step into the new and to stand up?
I welcome you

"Summer has fled.
Now the leaves are changing into the bright colors of fall. 

Obeying an inner longing that cannot be denied,
the protagonist leaves the rest of the world behind
and crawls into a dark, secret place in the earth
to die and be reborn. 
She fills the emptiness of this small place with her body,
as the dry hulk of a seed surrounds the precious spirit within.

She covers herself with night
and allows the silence to posses the earthen bones.
In the womb-tomb of the Great Mother, time is called "wait".
Sound is called breath, or heartbeat. 
ision is a dark screen illumined by whatever the protagonist dreams or paints there.
With nothing to eat, drink, or do, she pays close attention to her inner darkness.
Her dry mouth fills with cotton; her belly cries for food;
her body gets so cramped 
and pained that she almost has to forget its existence.
She cannot endure this dark passage of waiting
without learning the secrets of surrender.

When the yielding comes,
the dry husk of her spirit seed splits apart.
She is no longer a prisoner of herself or her circumstances.
Her spirit breaks forth from its bed.
The dying place is opened.
Dawn floods the emptiness of the earthen womb.
Where is the initiate? She is not here.
She is risen newborn into the world."

(The roaring of the sacred river, 
the wilderness quest for
vision and self-healing, 1997)


​​We are nature. It reflects our story, our legend, once we have learned to truly listen.

I am always amazed when someone throws a piece of garbage in the forest. It looks similar to when I would feed myself with plastic. Because I believe nature is a living entity, with a hyper-intelligent consciousness. Mother Earth, the all-forgiving spirit. And she is us.

In the reconnection with nature I found understanding, liberation and embodiment of myself. It has many stories to tell, yearning for us to be heard. Here is our reflection: we are yearning to find our nature.

It is exactly this yearning that let me create Kaluma. Kaluma serves as a guide to dedicatedly tune into nature, into each other and understand the language of something bigger than us. The magic of the forest and mountain awaits us. And as so beautifully put:
'As within, so without. As above, so below (Hermes Trismegistus).'


'The (after) effects of the retreat are astonishing.
I'm feeling like I have finally landed on earth, and am starting to be engaged again with my life.
It really brought me back to life.'

Jonasz, 27