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// I want to create a safe space so we can be fully receptive. To deeply meeting ourselves and connect to a higher reality. To me, this is a sacred encounter that is deeply rooted in something bigger than all of us. By our dedication, love, courage, sensitivity and the ritual we open ourselves to this higher reality. Together, as a group, and alone we hold this ritual in a sacred circle of love and commitment, trusting the process and that what unfolds is right.

I believe in the beauty of being real and raw, vulnerable and human. This work will be carried out in setting where all is welcome. Where we support each other the way we authentically are, to be most pure and real with ourselves and each other. The word crazy does not exist here. And humor, space and (self) reflection are important.




Based on the fundaments described above the Vision Quest will take place. 

On a Vision Quest there will be at least one guide, in bigger group settings two  (or more).  However, I  usually work with small intimate groups with a max of 3/4 people. I will always inform you on beforehand if this alters.

The Vision Quest has the structure of the rite of passage. I have been taught to teach the Vision Quest at the School of Lost Borders in California (USA).  I created a program that support and nurtures this process.  Based on my experience and my own created wisdom and intelligence regarding ritual work. My own experience of the Vision Quests, with the mystical, are the source for this work. It is from this place that I create a full rite of passage. I will be as real, raw, authentic as I can be with you. I have to show up fully here too. And I will.


I find it simultaneously important to notify that this is a rite of passage in modern time. The world we live in today is different and we will connect to that. 


I guide and carry the ritual during the whole process. I am fully here for you. I will sing for you, pray for you while you are out on your Vision Quest. But this deep Quest,  this fundamental encounter with self, is yours to take. You are the one that can find the way to your shadows and the way to new life. I trust on the ritual and your full potential to do so.

I invite you to give space to what you feel and to listen carefully to you. If this is the right time and place to take the encounter of a Vision Quest,YES, I JUMP OF JOY TO EVERYONE THAT TAKES THAT STEP AND SAY YES TOO. If it doesn't feel fully right, maybe its not your time, not the place for it, also honor and respect that.


I do this work because I believe in this ritual and the truth it contains and reveals. I have felt srongly myself how strong the ritual of the Vision Quest is. Vividly capable of transforming my life, myself and other. There is nothing left for me to do than to live this truth and to share it. 


Vision Quest Portugal

​​'In oneself lies the whole world
and if you know how to
look and learn,

the door is there
and the key is in your hand.

Nobody on earth can give you
either the key or the door to open.
Except yourself.' 

(Jiddu Krishnamurti)



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